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The cleaning industry at one stage used to be a pain to deal with, the sheer thought of having to call around asking why the cleaners haven’t shown up only to find out that the booking request was misplaced or the computer system didn’t store it in the schedule properly and send the cleaners to another area is enough to drive most customers mad up the wall. In order to avoid this Cleaners Bushey has streamlined and simplified the communication between customers and the company and vise versa. We at Cleaners Bushey understand that customers like to have a choice, whether it is choice of service, choice of booking time or in this particular case – choice of preferred communication. Our customers can catch up with us on our user-friendly, easy to understand website.

There customers can find additional detailed information about our cleaning services, they can also receive basic information about service prices and other important details like customer policy and general terms and conditions of use. If customers already know which service they need, when they need it and any other relevant details, the cleaning appointment can be booked directly through the website, please expect one of our consultants to call you back to confirm and clarify your service request.

You can also jot us a few lines on the official company email addresses which are listed in the contact section of the website. You can let us know of what you liked about the service or suggest other ways we can improve our services of methods in the future.

We welcome your feedback. Should you prefer, communication with Cleaners Bushey can be done over the phone. Our friendly customer consultants will pay full attention to each and every customer call they receive. If customers have any queries or particular questions they need answered they can ask one of our phone consultants. Cleaners Bushey actually goes one better and provides all its customers with twenty four hour customer service and support for additional convenience.